Rabo Metal is an e-waste, copper scrap and metal waste processing company recycling electronic waste and copper scrap in Zimbabwe for export through Africa and beyond. The company was formed in April 2022. We take pride in keeping the environment green through responsible recycling of electronic waste to clear the ever-piling landfills. Our good intentions follow through with due diligence to ensure that global aims are fulfilled by actions downstream.

About Us

Rabo Metal recycles used and disposed electronic waste for a large number of international partner organisations, throughout the globe. Our services are offered to the public, small to medium enterprises (SME) and large corporations. We also provide services to individual and bulk collectors of used, unwanted waste. We are proud of our clean, technological advanced facilities to the extent that we encourage our clients and partners to come and visit and partner with us.

We adhere to the international standard series on environmental management systems for compliance and we furthermore ensure that our employees’ health and safety is observed at all times. We provide for public recycling of e-waste as it may contain eroded hazardous materials that are harmful to humans, animals and the environment. We are the key player to sustainable development in Zimbabwe.

We work with local authorities, parastatals and local companies to efficiently and safely collect, process the growing amount of electronic waste and copper scrap

Professional Recycling

Rabo Metal recycles from businesses, landfills, and households to ensure disposed electronic waste is eradicated from Zimbabwe environment.

  • Recycling e-waste to save the environment and future generations.
  • Responsible and safe disposal of e-waste all over Zimbabwe and Africa
  • Supporting the creation of jobs in the e-waste recycling industry.
  • Working efficiently and keeping our promises.

Our Mission

To provide responsible recycling solutions using the highest calibre of human capital through high performance effectiveness in technical skill and competence.

Our Vision

To reduce the toxic nature of metal waste and scrap through a collective effort in modernisation by our partners, management and the workforce.

Our Values

• Our customers • Our employees
• The environment • Economic Frugality
• Sustainable Development.


We pledge to value the interests of our customers by means of fast, secure metal processing. We collect in bulk, metal, electronic and also copper scrap. We commit to optimize Industry capacitation in Zimbabwe to dominate world class standards through a skilled workforce. To aid in exports that are quality driven to compete in global markets.

Products & services

Core Products

• Electonic waste
• Metal scrap
• Copper scrap
• Electronic waste soldering
• Copper smelting
• Electronic processing
• Scrap metal shredding
• Scrap metal crushing
  • 1. Electronic SCrAp Waste

    Electronic Scrap Waste We Recycle

    • Computer motherboards
    • Laptop and Desktop processors
    • Laptop and desktop rams
    • Cell phone boards
    • Printers/Fax electronic boards
    • TV electronic boards

    Other Peripheries

    • Computers components
    • laptops internals
    • Servers, mainframes, telecom equipment
    • Mobile phones, smartphones, fixed phones
    • Printer cartridges, printers, fax machines
    • Cables, wiring
    • CD-ROM boards
    • hard disk drives
    • Tablet, iPad
  • 2. Metal Scrap

    We collect recyclable materials left over from product manufacturing and consumption, such as parts of vehicles, building supplies, and surplus materials. We do specialise in a number of scrap residue especially recovered metals, and non-metallic materials are also recovered for recycling.
  • 3. Copper Scrap

    • Collection of copper scrap 
    • Copper ore collection
    • Copper boards


• Electronic waste soldering
• Copper smelting
• Electronic processing
• Scrap metal shredding
• Scrap metal crushing

The Directors

Thabani Ndhlovu

A business serial entrepreneur with astounding record International Business Management. He is the Managing Director at Rabo Metal Limited. He has been the active pillar of engagement for formulating the strategic direction, vision, growth and performance of the recycling Venture. He is a seasoned professional and strategic connector nearing a decade, hands on experience in corporate leadership and management. He sits to optimise growth, maximise operational excellence and deliver financial performance through exposure, resilience, recognition and compliance.

Bertrand Gestures Chatima

A business major in management and entrepreneurship, He sits as Co-Director at Rabo Metal Limited. He has extensive experience in team leadership, problem solving and communication which enable him to deliver results that exceed expectations. He is a self-motivated and result oriented individual adept in analytical thinking, strategic planning, leadership and the management of staff and procedures.

Why We Recycle?

Reduction in air pollution.
Savings in energy
Reduction in water use
Reduction in mining wastes

Corporate Social responsibility

Organizational Culture

We at Rabo Metal have a strong culture of being heavily involved with the community, social support, and responsibility programs. These include various donations to welfare centers, children’s nurseries, homes, and orphanages. Giving back to local families, some less privileged as part of the charity-driven projects that we have included in our mandate.


One of our organizational goals is to be socially active and to have an impactful imprint on the lives of people in the community with the ambition to further express inclusivity. Our goal is to provide equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, such as those having physical or intellectual disabilities.

Environmental Awareness

In adherence to the theme of environmental awareness, we participate in Clean up campaigns, i.e. ‘‘We clean Harare’’ where we participate with the President of Zimbabwe, his excellency ED Mnangagwa’s initiative of observing National Environment Cleaning Day held on the first Friday of every month. We strongly believe in giving back to the community.
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